After 10 years of development, Proce has constantly grown up to assert itself, becoming the leading supplier of high-end office furniture in Vietnam market.

To prepare for the dramatic changes, marking a remarkable development after 10 years in the market, and reaffirm the leading position in the high-end office furniture industry, a complete appearance of Proce's logo was born, marking the transition from "classical and serious" to "modern and professional". Since January 1, 2020, Proce has officially announced a new brand identity.

What's new about the logo?

- Logo shape layout: Shapes not only play a role in a balanced logo design, but also help Proce tell the brand's story. The logo is made of circles, in which the circular movement is always considered perfect because it has no beginning, no end and no distortion, creating a sense of unity and completeness, demonstrating eternity and globalization. Proce's new logo has a simple design, thin shape with a footless font and completely minimalist details, making the brand become more modern, more professional and in line with the trend of simplification today. (Minimalism).

- The color of the logo shows the message and personality of the brand: Black is a color that contains many meanings. The black color always has a special appeal. In the field of design, black means power, sophistication, elegance and often associated with luxury products. This is also the only color that does not change, even if it is mixed with any other color. With this color scheme, Proce wants to affirm the position of the brand and the quality of the products which are not only luxurious, attractive but also timeless.

- Logo text: The word Proce with the stylized e has direct meaning to the image of the brand. The upper body of the letter e is like the eye, showing the vision of leadership towards employees - always putting the interests of workers first. The lower body is a variation of a smile - the bright smile of workers in the workplace. This logo design represents Proce's mission of "accompanying businesses to create ideal working spaces, for a human world and sunshine smiles in labor". Proce asserts that it will be the most reliable partner for any business owners, helping them build a work environment for the health and joy of workers through sophisticated and professional space design. With imported office furniture, international quality and dedicated customer service, Proce can confidently turn any workplace into a second home, an irresistible dream paradise, and from here every project, every difficulty is solved like an artist playing a favorite song of his life.

Logo changes - thinking changes and things start to change from here. We are changing day by day for the world to becom better