1. Ideas

Every workplace is created to fulfil the vision and requirements of an individual customer. PROCE collaborates with you to provide tailor-made solutions to create a workspace that will enable your staff to work at maximum productivity in maximum comfort.

2. Measurement

After the first meeting, the PROCE designer will begin to develop outline ideas. PROCE designers are specialists in interior planning and take a holistic approach to the PROCEss of design, taking into account the client needs as well as possibitilies of the space. Understand the shape and layout of workspace at its core is fundamental to producing a office design that will satisfy a customer’s needs - and of course, we will take an advantage of every centimetre of your space.

3. Design

The PROCEss of choosing design, layout, equipment, colours, materials and finishes is part of the pleasure of ownership. Design details also make a big difference to the ease of use a customer will experience with workspace. As part of the PROCE service, the designer will create 3D drawings of the office designs for the customer to review and discuss.

4. Construction and Installation

Once every aspect of your workplace has been agreed, full and accurate specifications are sent to factory oversea. Our skillful techinician eam will install on site and give instructions thoroughfully.

5. Support and quarantee

Not only providing the best products, we also focus on service after sales to make sure your workplace is run at the best conditions with attractive warranty and maintance policy.

Hotline: 090 115 6767 

Email: hanoi@proce.vn