What is a good leather office chair?

19/05/2020 - 09:17

From the beginning, people knew how to use animal skin to warm their bodies, make musical instruments and use them in household appliances. As society develops, beauty is honored, people also recognize the perfect beauty and increasingly prefer leather-covered items including office furniture. The leather upholstery for an office chair not only brings a luxurious beauty, but also brings comfort to the user if it is perfectly processed. So what is a good leather office chair?

Today, for various reasons including the “humanitarian” reason, people began to use more than artificial leather such as Simili, PU, ​​Microfiber, … collectively called industrial leather to substitute for genuine leather and upholstery on interior products. Different types of leather have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on their characteristics and each type has different requirements for the finishing process of upholstering on office furniture. However, to make a good office chair, when finished products must ensure the following factors:
1. Ensuring aesthetics:
The first factor that needs to be ensured is the aesthetics, the leather upholstery for a chair will bring a luxurious beauty to elevate items, suitable for all spaces from classic to modern. If the skin is natural, it does not need to be too glossy, but it must be visibly matte, and for industrial leather, the lines must be natural (this involves selecting the materials before proceeding). onion wrap). Seats after being covered must ensure the skin color matches the style of the chair, the leather must be tight enough to not coincide causing folds as well as not being too tight but forming cracks. The ridges of the skin should be naturally exposed in locations that are easily visible to the naked eye. In the process of leather upholstery, after stretching, the worker will shoot pins to fix the position and will use leather borders, copper nails or create deep grooves to cover when finished. To ensure aesthetics, these details must be cleverly hidden so that the naked eye cannot see, the contours must be finely refined to suit the style of the chair.

The leather wrap brings luxurious beauty to the product

2. Ensuring comfort during use:
Apart from aesthetics, the user experience is the most important thing that determines the success of a leather office chair. We will not talk about durability and usability of the chair structure (because different types of seats offer different experiences), but only the seat cushion, backrest and armrest because most of which is the place chosen for leather. When using hands to touch, the surface of the skin must bring a cool, smooth feeling. The leather upholstery must ensure elasticity as well as surface tension when sitting, creating a smooth and quick tension when standing up. In addition to the feeling of softness, a good leather office chair will have air circulation (breathable) so that when long-term use is also not feeling warm and suitable for all different fabrics on the page. Apparel.

Leather seats provide comfort when sitting

3. Durability:
Natural or artificial leather are extremely durable materials on average from 3 to 5 years. Depending on the different leather materials as well as the intensity of user use, the leather seats are corresponding. But must ensure factors such as water resistance, heat resistance and withstand the impact of good external forces. The fixed pin position must be sure, no han, no tear during long-term use.

Zueco Signo chair – one of the office chairs covered with fine leather

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