While the average price of an office chair in Vietnam costs about $50, the most luxurious one in the world is around 30,000 times as much as that of Vietnam. So what is the specialities of the exorbitant chair?


 PROCE- Luxury Furniture

Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina – $1.5 million


Designed by the same people behind the Ferraris and Cadillacs, the Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina is considered by many people to be the most expensive office chair currently produced. It is also designed to be the most expensive chair ever made or that money can buy.

While other chairs are made to be ergonomic, they are no match to the Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina. The back and seat actually move independently so that the chair is customizable as you shift throughout the day. The chair moves right along with the user, staying comfortable.

 PROCE- Luxury Furniture

The cushions and fabric are also made to heighten the luxurious comfort of the chair. The cushions conform to the individual using Technogel. This reduces pressure points for consistent comfort. The fabric is breathable and soft too – the same fabric used by Olympic athletes.


The chair comes in four color options: blue, red, gray, and anthracite. Each has a shiny finish for a sleek and dynamic appearance. Everything about this chair screams futuristic comfort. The price tag is steep, but the chair itself is likely the most revolutionary office chair available now.

With the same quality, the same experience, an office chair of PROCE, for example, executive chair of Zueco costs only 2,000 USD. So why don't we come to Proce- luxurious office furniture in Vietnam?

 PROCE- Luxury Furniture