Sustainable office interior design – How important is inheritance?

29/06/2022 - 02:36

Solid side office interior design is the most searched keyword phrase today. This is the inevitable trend of the process of creating workspaces in the future. Understanding what sustainability is in design, you’ll see how important inheritance is. Sustainability is not only about bringing about long-term, but it also needs inheritance to be able to last. Join PROCE to learn about the inheritance of one of the important things that is being forgotten. And let’s understand why it’s important but gets little attention in interior design.

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What is sustainable office interior design?

First, PROCE will help you understand what is “sustainable” in interior tectonics in the office. If you have the opportunity to walk through the old town of Hanoi, where the houses are kept with French architecture. You can feel its beauty even though it has been built quite a long time ago. They have a beauty that lasts with time – not obsolete – always beautiful despite the trend. It is a testament to the sustainability of aesthetics in design.

In office interior design, sustainability is understood in many different ways. Sustainability is the study of the environmental impact on the product and vice versa. From there come up with suitable alternatives according to the criteria that do not affect the environment. And still ensure the long-term use of space. There is also another definition of sustainability in design that can meet the following standards:

–          Optimizing functionality and space

–          Priority is given to the use of renewable energy.

–          Protecting the environment

–          Use of green materials

As for PROCE – The overall solution for luxury office. Sustainability in design is the integration of nature into the workspace. From there, people and nature can be close to each other, protect each other. By using clean- green materials, optimizing functionality and prioritizing inheritance in design.

What is the inheritance in sustainable office interior design?

The “master furniture” is prioritizing the use of sustainable designs for their work. And we are increasingly paying attention to sustainability when creating workspaces. We have used clean materials, recyclable materials and promoted environmental protection. However, one of the determinants of “sustainability” is that “inheritance” is being forgotten. So what is inheritance that is so important is easily forgotten in design.

Inheritance is defined by PROCE as the design that is preserved and followed by the next generation. In other words, it is aesthetics and usability that are used as eternal values. They are always preserved and become the continuation foundation for later design. Or it can sometimes be used to refer to designs that have evolved at the same time. It’s like planting a tree and taking into account how big it will be to create the surrounding space.

It can be a bit vague in defining inheritance that it is easily forgotten in “sustainability”. Simplify it by involving nurturing young people so that they grow. And in the office, think of them as a reference to the company’s history of development. In design let’s create masterpieces that can evolve continuously at the same time.

How do we put inheritance into design to create complete sustainability?

To be able to create complete sustainability in office building is not difficult. First of all from the very beginning of the idea, let the word inheritance creep into the thought. The study of the material on its development over time especially the landscape. At least think about what they will be like 10 years from now. From there, divide the premises, make full use of the space as well as choose the right material.

Take the basic example from bringing greenery into the office. Choosing a plant learns about foliage growth of the same size in the next 10 years. And use it as a nucleus to create the surrounding landscape. Choose the right products for the changing process of the tree and then expand them. Instead of painting a beautiful but still picture – a beautiful design at first and then wears out. Let’s create a video about the development of beauty – a beautiful design followed by another beauty.

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