Leaving the desk exposed to water for a long time

In fact, all kinds of wood was made carefully, can be waterproof, moisture-proof, less affected when meeting with water. However, if we let water stick, frequent moisture exposure will quickly reduce the quality of the product.

Ideally, in order to preserve an office desk or a home desk properly, we should limit the furniture to direct contact with water, for a long time, to avoid a place with a humid environment. When cleaning the table, use a damp cloth thoroughly squeezed with water, do not use a towel with a high water permeability.

Use poor quality desks

For those places where water is often flooded and humid, do not use tables made of cheap and poor quality wood because they are prone to termites, water repellent … High quality industrial wood products are MDF and MFC anti-moisture, water-resistant. In both humid or humid conditions like our country, MDF and MFC industrial furniture can be used for up to 15 years if you store them properly.

Let your desk directly under sunlight

Make a table where there is a lot of natural light like a window, a balcony should be avoided so that the sun shines directly on the table. The reason is that inside the wooden material of furniture such as desks always have a certain level of moisture. When placed under direct sunlight, this moisture can be lost and can easily damage the table, the color may also fade. Also, you should not place a wooden table near a fireplace or a place with a high temperature.

Keep the desk under constant impact

The types of natural wood working tables are high cost, luxurious wooden materials, however, if they are hit hard, they can be warped, cracked and damaged. As for industrial wood working tables, it can be more durable when subjected to strong impact force, less warping, cracking, and roughening. But if you want your desk to be durable with time, you should limit the impact, strong impact. No one likes to work with a scratchy table with scratches.

Lazy owner

For the desk to work with long stains with coffee stains, ink, dirt and dust, losing the original shine of the product, it also inadvertently reduces the interest in working. Therefore, you should also regularly clean, clean and clean the desk so that whenever the computer is placed, the paper is clean and shiny.

With difficult stains, we need other tips to fly it, not simply use a wiper like with regular dirt. With ink, coffee, alcohol or juice to stick to when working or during activities, you just need to take a little vinegar and dip the towel in it and wipe the stain. Keep in mind that we need to squeeze the towel before cleaning and wiping immediately after being dirty, making it easier to clean the stain. As for the crayons, we just need to take a little toothpaste and use a dry cloth to wipe it clean. For the best wooden storage options, please refer to the article Tips or preservation of wood furniture

In addition, we can use a mini vacuum cleaner for interior cleaning to remove dirt, return an office with clean furniture.

In addition to the precautions when using and preserving the above desk, we have also introduced you to guide how to properly clean the wooden bed and how to store the wooden doors outdoors. Hopefully, these methods will make you more satisfied when using wooden furniture of PROCE.