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Luxury office interior design has separate standard regulations for each item. One of the important items that always requires meticulousness is the glass wall. No matter what style the workspace is, there is still the presence of tempered glass walls. These glass walls create a separate space for the area that requires privacy, along with aesthetics. And in the high-class working space, glass walls appear a lot. Let’s find out what the quality standards of glass walls in luxury workspaces will be like.

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High-end office interior design has its own standards of glass thickness and quality

Normally the standard thickness of tempered glass is between 4mm and 24mm. The thickness of the glass depends entirely on the surrounding environment. In Vietnam, the usual thickness of office glass walls will be 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm. In particular, the 10mm and 12mm types are most used as walls in Grade A offices. Because glass walls in offices are not directly affected by the weather outside. If it is a façade, the minimum thickness is 12mm because this type has a surface stress of 81Mpa.

As for the quality of tempered glass for making glass walls, in addition to international and state standards issued such as:

  • TCVN National Standard 7455:2013 on Construction Glass issued by Vietnam Institute of Building Materials
  • SAFETY QUALITY INSPECTION STANDARD ANSI Z97.1 issued by the U.S. National Council
  • Standards for proper enforcement of british glass products BS 6206
  • Australia – New Zealand Standards for Glass Quality Safety
  • European Safety Glass Standard ECE R43

There are also quality checks that are issued from the regulation including:

–          Surface stress testing ((related to the rate and size of broken glass particles).

–          Check the pendulum impact.

–          Check for a crash.

–          Size tolerance testing.

–          Thickness tolerance test.

–          Flatness test.

–          Bonded disability inspection.

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High-end office interior design with its own construction standards for glass walls

Luxury offices often use curved glass walls to create aesthetics. Curved glass walls are much more difficult in construction with straight glass. For the construction of glass walls for Grade A offices requires its own standards. The first standard is the accuracy of the size and style of the glass wall. Unlike materials such as drywall, glass walls after training cannot grind the edge or drill. It is necessary to perform the drilling of holes and handle the edge before I.

Some standards in the construction of drilling holes in glass:

  • The diameter of the borehole on the absolutely tempered glass must not be less than the thickness of the glass.
  • The number of holes drilled on the surface of the glass does not exceed 5 holes. And the area of the borehole does not exceed 1/6 of the area of the glass surface.

The collapsed base of the door must be firmly fixed, the corners or the base junction must be tightly intertated. The position of the glass panels must be installed in the right position and match the aluminum base. The straight glass walls do not slide outwards. The glue lines should be even, tight and closed all the openings to ensure aesthetics.

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Ensure aesthetic standards, soundproofing and privacy

For spaces like meeting rooms, a leader’s office always requires privacy. Especially soundproofing and limiting vision from the outside. The sound insulation of glass walls is related to the quality of glass, the type of glass (usually using canned glass). This standard is used by manual method for inspection.

For these spaces, ensuring privacy is essential. The use of translucent glass decals with logo print or brand identity can both ensure privacy. It brings high aesthetics to the workspace.

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