Full review of super products Tio office chairs

13/05/2020 - 09:06

As you know, office workers are the labor division who spend most of their day working in offices and offices. With the characteristic of work, they may sit for hours and hours without working out, which makes many people suffer from back pain, cervical spondylosis and hand and club pains. carpal tunnel syndrome … especially it is easy for people who have the habit of sitting in the wrong position and sitting on a poor quality chair. To limit this situation, in addition to regular exercise, choosing a suitable chair that creates a comfortable feeling and maximum support in forming a sitting position is extremely important.

At the offices of multinational companies, they pay great attention to the workspace and regret the cost to provide their employees with the most perfect working condition. Because of the awareness of the characteristics of workers and the desire to bring comfort in the working process, FDI companies invest huge amounts of money in furniture and what they pay most attention to is the chair. tablets. One of their favorite products – Tio Chair “new office trend” has created an unprecedented craze in office furniture. Today, we are going to fully review this chair so that you can better understand why it can create a new office trend.

The first is the appearance of the Tio Chair, which is produced from the headquarters of famous cars such as Mercedes or BMW and especially here is the cradle of mechanics, the design lines of the Tio Chair are very hard. The cable offers ruggedness and incorporates a few light curves that accentuate “very German” designs – strong, dynamic and rugged. The first difference with traditional office chairs is the Tio Chair with a frame with 5 balanced wheel axles that helps distribute the force on the wheel axes more evenly and each wheel has a large diameter (65mm). strange. Next is the 57cm high backrest, which is no longer the thick foam cushion like conventional products but instead is a very elastic elastic fish net with the thickness of the seat cushion. So elegant look for the entire chair. An impressive feature of the seat cushion is the T-armrest that can be adjusted up and down, created a unique tilt shape covered with a delicate soft PU cushion. In addition, the Tio chair has 6 colors including: black, gray, blue, blue, plum and orange depending on the personality and different design styles to choose from accordingly.

Taking a closer look at every detail of Tio Chairs, it is easy to see meticulous and precise finishing in the manufacturer’s design. The main thing that has brought the perfect smooth motor movement from raising and lowering the height of the seat to feel softly in the movement of the backrest or the smooth movement of the wheel axles. The most important thing that only you can feel when sitting up is the great design. Tio designers not only pay attention to beauty, but also pay special attention to the user experience. Just adjust the height of the chair to suit your height, the breathable high chair can adjust 3 different positions to withstand weight up to 125kg, in combination with the tested seat cushion. Experiments (suitable for all different fabrics) help fix the sitting posture to create the most comfortable feeling for the lumbar and spine during working process, ensuring no fatigue no matter how long you sit and sit any style. When sitting, the arm can completely relax because the armrest with soft padded Pu adjusts both the height and width to easily support the shoulders and arms are in a relaxed state, whether you With a large or small body, the flexibility of the handrails will bring a sense of absolute fit. If you are a follower and often participate in chair office races, you will definitely win the championship with this chair, the smoothness and glide of large wheels on both hard and soft floors are hard to come by. be in any kind of chair.
And finally durability. High quality materials have been researched by the manufacturer for a long time, along with TÜV certification, which is an effective and reliable evidence of the quality and capacity of the human resources in the enterprise.

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